These are the Lotus Flower seeds. A collection of ideas and practices for resilience and emotional health drawn from the personal and professional experience and knowledge of a clinical psychologist meditator.

You might think of each post as a seed that has the potential to help you grow and flourish in life.

Just as a seed requires regular sustenance and care to grow strong; these ideas require regular and repeated attention. They need to be rehearsed and practiced and integrated into your daily life if they are to come to mind and be useful when you need them.

A good way to keep these ideas alive is to build time for reflection and rehearsal into your routine. Be systematic about it. Add reminders to you calendar. Add practices to your daily schedule or to do list. Some practices only require 30 seconds, others 5 mins and others a bit longer. Some are best done daily and others weekly, monthly or yearly.

Any new pattern of thought, speech or action requires more effort at the beginning until it becomes integrated and automatic. So it is with these ideas and practices. Eventually with time and gentle persistence they become part of you.

For more information about me and my work click here.


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